Atheism is a dead-end street and someone needs to inform the Atheists because they have been wrongly indoctrinated to believe a flying sleigh full of fairy tales, beginning with the unscientific premise that the universe could have come from nothing, caused by nothing, without any initial cause or purpose and over time and impossible odds, abiogenesis occurred, life derived by random process from non-life.

The fact is that those two key premises form a logically and scientifically failed foundation upon which the Atheist builds his house of cards. It cannot stand, because it is built on a set of lies. While Atheists like to pretend that they are being logical and scientific, the fact is, nothing could be further from the truth. They must begin with false premises to build their arguments because if they were to begin with the truth, their evolution train would be derailed at the first bend in the evolutionary 'tree' which is nothing more than a fanciful illustration. It is not evidence, any more than there is evidence that humans are distant cousins of primates, or that human ancestors were once fish... or pond scum as some Atheists have theorized.

And that's a key issue... Atheists have lots of theories, but none of these things have ever been proven! Of course, that doesn't keep the Atheists from making outrageous claims of evidence where none exists, or when there is something called evidence, further investigation has revealed fraud or junk science at its root. That simply is NOT scientific, much less honest.

That's where this website comes in. Atheism fails to provide valid solutions for society, primarily because it is a world view built upon a false foundation of lies, mistruths, distortions and pretense.

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The Death of Truth, book by Dennis McCallum
The Death of Truth
by Dennis McCallum


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God and the New Atheism:
A Critical Response to
Dawkins, Harris, and Hitchens

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