These interviews with Atheists demonstrate the failure of Atheism to provide any evidence for Darwin's theory of macroevolution or answer questions of morality. Atheists show by their own words that they are unable to determine what is morally right or wrong.

Evolution Vs. God (38 mins.)
Ray Comfort takes confronts Atheist professors and students on university campuses in this documentary, and demonstrates that Atheists are unable to provide ANY evidence to support basic Darwinist theories of macroevolution.

"As an atheist, I Refuse to Believe in the Invisible Sky Daddy" (9 mins.)

Atheist says, "Hitler had good intentions." Video (16 mins.)

Dawkins on infanticide, in his own words, (30 secs.)
Hear what the world's most famous Atheist 'god' Richard Dawkins, speaking with Obama advisor and Princeton 'bioethicist' Peter Singer, says about infanticide ó he says he's fine with it, at least up to the age of a 1-year-old. Singer has said up to 3 year-olds are good candidates for post-birth 'abortion'.

Cannibalism - Atheism's Dirty Little Secret? Here's what Atheists say when polled

180 Movie on Abortion (33 mins.)

Interview With Alicia - Full interview with Alicia from the movie "180" (14 mins.)

Ravi Zacharias exposes the logical fail of Œthe evolution of morality¹ as claimed by Richard Dawkins, one of the world's leading Atheists - Video (8 mins.)

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The Death of Truth, book by Dennis McCallum
The Death of Truth
by Dennis McCallum


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